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Issue of identity

Identity is a confusing issue. At least for me! There are two kinds of identity all of us carry. One is the bestowed identify and the other is the earned identity. The bestowed one – generally we don’t have a choice. Earned one, is in our control and all through life we struggle to earn various kinds of earned identity.

We are living at a time “Nationalism” is being discussed in the media quite often. This is also in the background of various other identity issues which are being highlighted in the Media – the legitimate and Illegitimate Indians, the Hindwatha discussions, the secular Indian in a spiritual India and many such. I am confused. I am a Mallu, Protestant Christian by birth, evangelical by choice, Hindi speaking by practice, North Indian by domicile, South Indian by birth, Doctor by profession. And many such identities. Some bestowed and some earned. Of course I am an Indian by birth and emotion and I love my country!

All my bestowed identity, have been empowering. No identit…