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A 30-year-old lady was brought to us with a “Bilateral hemiplegia”. She had a hysterectomy and appendectomy, done a week prior to this, at a private nursing home. She was running some fever prior to the same, and had completed her family. It was told to them that she needs these surgeries urgently! A week later she ended up with bilateral hemiplegia which turned out to be a Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis. She was anaemic and in severe sepsis. An unwanted surgery done which led to her cortical veins getting thrombosed.
Majority of the women who come to our OPD above the age of 30 do not have a uterus.  Hysterectomy is the mode of current day contraception. When asked about contraception, they will say, bada operation ho gaya. For what? Bacha bandh karnekeliye….For contraception! Changing medical protocols in a part of our nation, when rest of the country is talking about health tourism!
Cortical vein thrombosis which is supposed to be an uncommon disease is quite frequently seen in our c…