Thursday, August 29, 2013

Learning by listening….

About 40 of our leaders came together to reflect on some of the challenges we face in our interaction with the legal systems of the country, the government offices and officers and the media. We had senior Government secretaries, lawyers and Media people listening in and giving us perspectives which health care professionals normally do not get. And there was a theologian who gave us biblical frame work to look at state and how to interact with state.

As I listened in to all the sessions and interaction going on, I learnt a few things about our fraternity…. or  at least about myself….

One – Health care professionals are illiterate! Though literate in our own field, we tend not to enhance our literacy in the other fields which we necessarily need to, if we have to survive in the world of health care.

Two – There are other professionals who are like us, who confuse the lay with their jargon! Like what we do with the Medical jargon! Lawyers are not too far behind. Government servants and Media were better. The pastor was not one who would want to confuse us with theological jargon! The legal jargon is as bad as Medial jargon!

Three – we might be knowledgeable but definitely has not been wise.  The many legal issues we face, the challenges we face with the world outside is because of a lack of wisdom – lack knowledge of how to wisely deal people outside our Medical field.

Four – We live in world of our own! We are blinded by our own spectacles. We do not even realize that there is a different world out side. Even if we know, we do not know how to be in the world and not of the world.

Five - we are good in reacting to crises but not good in pro-active prevention of crises. The daily life of managing emergencies leads to a culture of reactive responses and not proactive planning!

And finally – that we need others alongside to live in this world….we need lawyers, bureaucrats, pastors and Media people with whom the world becomes more colourful than with the dry and drab heath care professionals alone!!!Though we think we are enough!

So how do we become better health care professionals?

Become literate, talk in understandable English, add wisdom to knowledge, have frequent eye check ups, change our spectacles and reflect and respond instead of reacting and responding ….and make sure that you know how to live with others…

If any reader (health care professional) feels upset - a disclaimer - this is not about you, but about me and the likes....

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vulnerability test

After the last post on vulnerability which was written from a train journey to UP, I got out of the train and immediately faced a test of vulnerability. A personal test from which I am still recovering!

I lost my purse with – all the ID cards, Debit and Credit Cards, License to Drive and a couple of frequent traveller cards. In one sense – Plastic cards which gives you Identity, Security, Mobility and Status. The immediate reaction was acute sense of vulnerability. I need to travel soon – I do not have a ID proof; I am not “old fashioned” to keep too much cash with me – and I need money (my wife’s card also is blocked for some reason); weekend approaching, I need to drive; and of course  some of the other plastics which I can afford to lose. Status can always come later…! If I has put my emotions on a graph it would have looked like this. (Fig 1)


Soon, in about 24 hours the same changed! There did not seem to be much relationship between what I possessed and what I felt!

Rather by now – 36 hours later I am kind of happy that I do not have many cards. I do have another identity (and proof of the same). My “old fashioned” father gave money and supplemented by some kind neighbours. I took bus and metro without keeping my hand on the pocket as I always do – fearful of pick pockets! The graph is reversed....though i am not sure tomorrow what the challenges will come up.
So in 36 hours I have grown in D.o.G (Dependence on God) and I.D.E.o (Inter-Dependence on Each other), which seems to be much better than being independent with many plastic cards in pocket!
That brings the question – where does contentment come from? If we draw a graph with Contentment on the Y axis, what would be on the X Axis? I think it will be Dependence on God and the Support of each other. 
And it would look like this.


Is this not what Jesus taught – unless you become like children….and what the poor teaches us – be content in the little you have but faith in God and the community which you are  part off….

Have i complicated my life with these plastic cards..?

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