Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Disabled faith

I live with two of my close relatives, one with physical disability and other with cognitive disability. Does that make me an expert on issues of disability? Of course not, it leaves me more confused!

The so called physically and cognitively challenged has definitely more ability to see what they are going through “abled vision” or the perspective of faith. Whereas, the one who claims to be physically and cognitively abled, (this itself is controversial, what is ability today might be disability tomorrow!) and who sees the challenges through scientific and logical perspectives, seems to be more disabled and finds it tough to understand the complexities of life!
We need a renewed understanding of ability and disability. To have this renewed understanding, we need abled eyes, which will see people through the eyes of the creator. The Creator, who sees every human being He created as abled by the “Imago Dei” which He has put in, at the same as disabled and marred by the effect of the fall.

Once we have this abled perspectives, it is no longer they the disabled and we the abled. But we all as a family and community of disabled, journeying together towards a future when we all will be perfected. And in the process of this internal renewal and perfection a perfected physical and cognitive functions given as a bonus!


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