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The 6th Sense

A few days back in one of our social networking groups there was this discussion on “clinical examination in Medicine” – recovering a lost art. There were discussions regarding the importance of the same, at the same time the challenges of doing a full examination in the midst of very busy OPD with each doctor seeing 40 to 50 patients in an hour or so. One of the senior consultants remarked about the 6th sense we need to develop if are to work in busy set ups, where one develops a sense of recognising patients who need full examination and evaluation. As I was participating in the discussions, I was taken back in memory to my early experiences in the art of clinical medicine under a very astute clinician.
I remember, one evening as a Junior Medical officer, working up a patient for about 2 to 3 hours, and coming to a possible diagnosis of “Malabsorption Syndrome” after a full history, clinical examination and investigations. I was quite satisfied with myself, having been able to make…