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Moth eaten Spirituality….

Moth eaten appearance is classically defined for Bone Tumors in X-rays and is described as “Areas of destruction with ragged borders”. This sign in X-ray implies more rapid growth of probably a malignancy. The common bone tumors which have such appearance are Myelomas, Metastases, Lymphoma and Ewing’s sarcoma. In Medicine, this is dangerous – the signs denote a rapidly advancing Malignant Lesion, which could potentially reduce your life span.
The literal meaning is - Eaten away by moth larvae or Old and timeworn: or Shabby; decrepit.
In 1965 in a lab a mutation of mice occurred,. Theaffectedmicecouldberecognizedat3or4days ofagebypatchyabsenceofpigmentintheskin, andlaterbypatchyabsenceorthinnessofhairthat gavethemicea moth-eatenappearance. By3weeksofage,lesionsusuallydevelopedonthe feet and progressedrapidly. Mortality of affectedanimals washighfrombirthonward,andnonesurvivedlonger than 8weeks because of the associated Immuno deficiency.
In Humans also we get such Moth eaten appearance o…