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Remote control

It was an “eerie” experience – the EHA server was being migrated and so there were changes, which needed to be made in my E-mail account. Over phone, our IT team gave instructions but I could not sort the issue out. So they decided to use a program “Team Viewer” and take over the control of my computer from a distance…I at home and the team at office…. And I saw the files being opened, they trying to close folders which I had left open and change around some settings…. with no one handling the computer directly…
The feeling was a bit discomforting – how can some one take over what is mine, and run it the way they want it…. I can do better – I am sitting near the machine, I can easily do all this….Any way I own this machine!
But wisdom prevailed…the realization that I am not as “tech savvy” as they are and at least at times it is better to hand over the control to some one who knows what needs to be done….
I waited for a few minutes – saw the difficulty they were facing – with the “conne…