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Apoptosis - Death and Dying....

Apoptosis or “Programmed Cell Death” is a phenomenon which excites Basic Research Scientists much. 

Apoptosis (æpəˈtsɪs/) is the process of programmed cell death (PCD) that may occur in multicellular organisms.Biochemicalevents lead to characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death.
They believe that, if we identify the mechanism of “Apoptosis” this might contribute to understanding “aging” and then could lead to discover ways to prevent aging and death!
Apoptosis – of Programmed Cell Death are of many types.
One – what I would want to call as “Death before Life”. The tadpole, which becomes a frog, loses its tail by “Programmed cell death” or Apoptosis so that it becomes the “frog” it is meant to be. Even Humans, in our development inside the mother’s womb go through Apoptosis, so that we are born as are expected to be – a full formed Neonate. This is a onetime event, in each location of the body, and leads to the animal or human to be born fully formed….
The second type of Apoptosis…