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Sandwiched reflections...

The three questions which one is challenged with are – questions of “Status” “Significance” and “Security”.

Early and mid fifties (my age) is a good time in life especially if you are married and have elderly parents and teenage and early adulthood kids with you, to reflect on this……a sandwiched reflection…. Status 

The young are asking – What can and should I become…

My generation is reflecting…. Oh – what am I becoming…and carefully reflecting – what should I not become at all…!

The aged parents are resting– In the legacy of status are they are leaving…..and if we listen clearly – what we hear is – what they would like to leave behind is a “legacy of life well lived with long lasting relationships” – Status which emerges out of relationships - relationships which will be remembered long after they are gone….

Status out of relationships to God and each other – something which live beyond our life time….!

The young are asking - what can I contribute….that will bring significance…