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problem people

I am traveling  from a 2800 bedded tertiary institution to a thirty bedded primary care centre and then to a 130 bedded secondary care over this week. Spending time preparing, listening to leaders, one common thread emerged. People - people are the issue!

The politics of managing people is draining leaders. Dealing with varied perceptions and holding them together is yet another constant challenge. The need for more people is a constant cry, though we are unable to manage those we have!

Someone said - if there were no people, leading would have been so easy....

I was reading today morning. Jesus as he looked at the crowd, His heart was moved with compassion. He saw them as haggard, helpless sheep without Shepard.

And His response was, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into His vineyard.  And then He send out disciples into the villages around with no resources or support system. Teaching them to be dependant on God and interdependent on each other.

Seeing people through G…