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Rural Family Practice

Doctors don’t realize what they are missing by not experiencing the challenge of rural Family practice! I was on rounds along with a young FM resident at Prem Jyoti yesterday. She was enthusiastic energetic and compassionate.2 months into this rural hospital she was having a time which I am sure would be transformational for her.

One day rounds – Patients with - Obstructed labour with LSCS done, Pelvic Peritonitis – on conservative management, 8 year old kid with PSGN (Post streptococcal Glomerulo Nephritis) in severe failure and fluid over load, 50 year old alcoholic with Hepatic failure and ascites, 30 year old lady with severe dimorphic anaemia, amenorrhoea and failure, couple of neonates with sepsis, couple of other obstructed labours – forceps, vacuum, LSCS, Cerebral contusion and L1 compression fracture on conservative management, couple of patients with cerebral Malaria and a kala azar….where else but in a rural place like this one would get opportunity to care for such a varie…