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We are at a point of time, various challenges are facing us, as faith based and not for profit organizations.  There is the challenge of “competition” from the corporate and commoditized health and development programs. There is the regulatory frame work which is breathing down our necks, the CEA and the implications of the same. The escalating costs of health care and the challenge it brings in taking care of the poor and the people in need.
Looking ahead, from the political scenario, there could be a situation in the country where a market friendly government and potentially not FBO friendly one, could be in power and this could affect some of our work.
It is in this back ground, we need to think through how we look at the work we are involved in. And also be clear and succinct on why we are doing what we are doing. We could compromise and give in or stand clear holding on to the clarity of what God wants us to do and be and have the courage to live with this clarity on a day today b…