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Scarlet Thread

I had tied a scarlet thread on my window s few years back. It was for a purpose,  It would flutter in the wind and remained as a constant reminder as I looked out of my window into the world outside. When others looked into my room they saw this thread. And they recognized what made me what I am is because of the significance of this thread.

Today morning, I suddenly woke up with the memory of me tying that thread years back, the colour and newness fresh in my memory.

I looked out and realized that years of sun light, winds blowing, dust settling on the thread, it no longer was as scarlet as it was. The significance was only a faint memory from the past.

I took it out, washed it, cleaned it and tied it again. So that I would always be reminded, that it is that scarlet thread which makes me what I am. And others would see me through that thread.

I need to do this on a regular basis, may be even daily, so that I would always see through and be seen through that thread....