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The more I see....

While working in a mission hospital in South, the ward I was in charge had this picture of a chimpanzee, with the caption, “the more I think, the more I am confused”. Being young and “knowledgeable” did not pay much heed to this wise saying. But today about 30 years hence, realize that the monkey was wise.
Today I can categorically say, the more I see the more I think, the more I think, and the more I am confused!
What I see around, leads me to think more, the more I think, the more I get confused. I see pictures of 2100 people killed over night in Afghanistan, 40 killed in Bodoland, self-promoting, self righteous, self-serving politicians promising heaven on Indian earth, leaders of faith based organizations who should be different embroiled in land and property, moral issues…I cannot stop seeing, but should I stop thinking? Is that the way out?
Not much different in the immediate surroundings too! Once able, leaders of institutions and programs, aging now, losing cognitive functions,…