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I watch these hands which signifies many things to me.
Hands which cared for a whole life time. Cared for her children, grandchildren, mother, brother and many others who passed through these hands in her life time. Cared by touching, cleaning, washing, protecting and many other ways….
Today, they need to be cared for… can’t care for itself…leave alone others….
Hands which corrected and directed many. Her own children, grandchildren, many students who passed through her hands. Directed for the greater purpose of the values and Kingdom community she is part of and of which she wanted all to be part off. Hands sometimes directed through chastising…
Today they need to be supported to direct her own life… can’t direct others….even herself….
Hands which consoled many. Many who went through brokenness, pain, confusion, challenges in life, physical, emotional and spiritual, economic, social etc….At the cost of pain to her and her family, at the cost of lost time, money, conveniences, and …