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Going on Giving up

There are various situations where we end up giving up instead of going on. Some times we go on giving up too.The inevitable giving up – are situations of people movingon from this world, positions which were for a time have to given up, places where one has been has to be said good bye to, people  move on for various needs and situations – inevitable cycle of life…There are other situations which are forced up on us, where we are forced to consider giving up. Giving up on people, places, roles, situations and contexts. These are not always “inevitable’ but “in our control” . The circumstances and situations force us and we take considered decisions to give up or hold on. The situational cycles of life.Then there are those of us who have made our behaviour cycle one of going on giving up. Fleeting and flitting from one role to another, one place to another one interest to another and the behavioural cycles go on.Interestingly, as we read through the stories from the OT, we find, the s…