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Double Heated Furnaces – DHF

DHFs are good testing laboratories. It tests the following things.

A.Your faith in your ability to with stand the heat and fire
B.Your previous experience of electricity failing a the right time and fire dying off
C.Your faith in a God, who might deliver you!
D.Your perceptions of this God as one who is a deliverer.
E.Your ability to stick vs run
F.Your speed of running off – how soon and how fast you can run
G.Your expectation of the enabling to walk in the fire without feeling the heat
H.Your anticipation and experience of another person accompanying you in the fire
I.The ability of fire to purge the dross away
J.The potential of being purified as gold
K.Trust in a God who is there in the furnace with you and has the ability to use this to purge and purify
Bu, can you request that the temperature be kept a bit down?