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Soul Exchange

Exchanging or Bartering in life has been part of the development cycle of humankind. It is the invention of “Money” which changed this practice. In one sense, we still are exchanging money for things we buy, though it is not a bartering of things for things.

A few days back, nearing mid night, there was a commotion on the road in front of our house. A drunken man was trying to get on to his bike and in the process was hitting against the closely packed cars. And as this continued, a neighbour came out, furious at his car being dented by this man’s attempts, and in this anger, beat up this drunk. He fell on the road, bleeding from a cut on his forehead. I was part of a few who were watching these events unfolding, nearing mid night with temperatures around 4 to 7 degrees outside. A few minutes later, an elderly man, yet another neighbour, whose vehicle also was affected, came out, went out to call the security guards and with their help led the drunk away. We sighed in relief, we could…