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Jesus, who had the mandate of redemption of the world, through his death and resurrection, in his earthy life, engaged with various people with different inner motives. He would walk into a wedding party and turn water into wine to protect the status of the family in the community. He would walk into houses to care one to one for people, or stop to spend time with selected individuals.
 At the same time, he walked to the temple and cleaned out the market, he would interact with large groups, teaching them of upcoming Kingdom and structures which need to change.
The former out of an inner compassion and the latter a deep desire to see just structures and systems in place. Compassion for individuals and families on one hand and righteous anger against systems and structures which prevent people from fulfilling Gods purposes for their lives.
 And as people started joining him in this movement of compassion and righteous anger, he would walk away from them, because it will not be the streng…

How shall then we live

The buzz word today is development. Everywhere we turn around we are bombarded by this, and all are called to align to this agenda of development. Even in high level meetings, leaders of the country clearly make this indication that we have to forget our differences for the sake of development. Religious, cultural, ethnic all have to be forgotten for the sake of development. Very true and important. But what is the development are we talking about. The indicators we use are purely economic. GDP, % of poor, investments into the country, inflation reduction, Consumer Price Index, and may others. I do not understand most of these! But I do understand one thing, it is all about economy and money. And the drivers of these economic development seems to be in the hand of a few big time Indian corporates. With the FDI caps being raised, many seems to be waiting at the doors of Indian embassies, waiting for the right time to enter. Policies being passed and in the draft stages, clearly are in …