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Dying and Living

We have been in God’s own country with family engaged in the funeral arrangements of an uncle who passed away suddenly, at a young age of 77. Yes for Kerala 77 is young to pass away! For those of us in North it might appear a bit confusing!
But this is not about age and aging – but about life and death. My uncle who passed away was not one who “made it” in the general understanding of “Making it” as of today. But the funeral was a reminder of what is “Significant; Success and Security”. The many who came and shared about my uncle, talked about – how he made their lives find significance by accepting them and being a friend to them. This was the simple “Aam Aadmi” – the local shop keepers and others, to - one Central government Principal Secretary who was his class mate and many others including family members. Many shared about how his life was about relationships with people from all religions and walks of life. Others shared about the security of a legacy he is leaving and the bigge…