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Leadership Paradoxes (5) – the Role paradox.

The question which then comes into the mind of any one who is expected to lead, if he or she is to be the Vision casting person, motivating and building people, through effective communication, but the timing is not really in our control, what is really a leader’s role in fulfilling the vision?

Does he or she see the role as a positional one or a functional one? If it is functional one – what is the function? Is it to direct or to serve? Is it to do things yourself or to get things done through others? Is it to make people work or to build people so that they will take ownership? Is it to walk ahead and show the way or to come behind and support and motivate to move ahead? Is it to teach and train or to hand hold and support? Is it to get the task done or getting people who can get the task done? In one sense it is combination of many things.
The Master’s model is interesting. He came in after 30 years of preparation for a 3 and half year role. (Leading self) He starts off with declari…