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Myopia's and Mania's

As one travels among the various people groups and ethnic groups and live and interacts with them, one is amazed by the things we see. One is the diversity of the ethnic groups, and communities. Homo sapiens that we are, are not one uniform color creed or tribe, but multiple groups with so much of diversity and color. And each individual unique in his or her own way. And we need to celebrate this. Celebrate the diversity the uniqueness we see around. As individuals we are unique, as communities we are diverse, but all carrying the common “Imago Dei”.
And these diverse communities, especially the South Asian and South East Asian communities, have a creativity that is amazing. The colors, patterns, food, music, art forms, dance, innovation for daily living, and a long list of creative ways of doing things for daily living and for celebrations. The creativity of the creator as an innate part of our lives!
The other thing one observes is the high social capital among many of these commu…