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Eye openers

The husband walked in with his wife. He said, I have been taking her to many places for these skin lesions on the face, have spend quite a bit of money and  in one sense "Suffered in the hands of many physicians" - can you do some thing for her. I looked at her - her face and body was full of "Pappular eruptions" what we call in medical terms as PPE. I asked a few relevant questions to her about the illness and send her to the examining bed to do a full physical. Then I turned attention to the husband. Asked him about his job - he was a migrant laborer, and I was sure that he would have had some "extra marital affair" and started asking about his way of life, habits, contacts etc. He was polite but clear and articulate - though he was illiterate - I do not do any such things. I go out for  a living, others might but I have my standards! I was quietly reprimanded about my own attitude of seeing beyond what was there. I still was not sure, and I wanted to p…

Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve’s sin is an interesting incident to reflect on. The pattern of behavior has not changed much from what happened in the Garden of Eden to the current modern age!
God had told clearly that these are the limits and a life of submission, within which they are expected to live. And the limits were put by an all knowing God, who knew that the finite human that they were, their faculties of intellect and reasoning, apart from God, will lead them astray!
What was told clearly by God, was doubted by humans. Did God really say – was the question Satan raised. Eve knew the facts – God had told. But Serpent had a way of explaining away or turning Gods word into what was acceptable for human reasoning and desire! Trying to turn word into something which fulfills the physical desires, emotional fulfillment and intellectual reasoning – (good for food, pleasing to eye and desirable for gaining wisdom). This rational explanation of the word of God and responding based on that, led to ir…