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The common thread

Last few days, I have been away traveling, meeting with some friends who are engaged in health care networks in various parts of the globe. As I listened to stories from each of their own contexts, the challenges which they are grappling with, a common thread emerged. Whether it is in the context of rural north India where we work (the various stories which I had shared earlier) or the story of the 75 year old absolutely healthy nurse in UK who decided to go to Switzerland to have a physician help her to end her life, the “Gay marriage debates” all over the world, or the climate change and protection of the universe, all is about, “identity” and “rights”.
When I was born, I was born with an identity, of being part of the family, the nation, the tribe and the universe I am part of. But the next few years of living in this world, I was told, that though I do have an identity, that is where you start, but I have to earn the rest of it and protect my rights which come along with this id…