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Increase my faith…..

We live and work in the midst of a very “low trust society”. The dominant culture of lack of trust is bound to influence all of us some time or other, if we are not careful. As I observe, I see signs of this low trust both among the community who access our caring systems and those of us who are part of the caring community.

There is the issue of trust in the health care professional. People come to us with various Medical complaints, and we can identify these people with low trust easily. They would come in asking for particular doctor or person. They will have a file full of previous treatments done. They will keep talking about this doctor or that doctor. They will say, we heard your name and we came with great faith, but the fact is, there is not much faith, this is only yet another stop in their nonstop health care shopping. Many a times, the patient is not included in the decision. It is the “Neta” of the home who is the controller of these shopping’s, and one if carefully observ…