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Failures - from a church message

Israel under Joshua’s leadership had just crossed over Jordan. God had done a great miracle by dividing Jordan River and allowing them to cross the river. The next hurdle was Jericho. God has gone ahead and worked out a great victory, with them not shooting even one arrow. But God had given them detailed instructions how to go about each step. Joshua who was used to sitting in the tabernacle and listening to God, along with Moses, had done pretty well, and the fame of Joshua as a leader had spread all around. He was slowly fitting into the shoes of the great leader who had led them for 40 years – Moses. And they were just starting into the new phase of their journey to Promised Land. A series of wars had to be fought and kingdoms had to be conquered and Jericho was the first. But God also had given clear instructions for their behaviour, how they should deal with the things they would come across as they conquer nations. There was a character expected from them. Things seemed to be go…