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Living in the midst of a “Hypocritical generation”

One of the challenges of living today is – surviving in the midst of blatant hypocrisy. As one looks around, whether in the political scenario, global scenario, faith based communities, family lives and individual and leaders lives, we find this open divide. A divide between what they speak and what they do. A divide between their personal lives and public life. A divide between what is expected and what comes out in life. This has become more of a challenge since self-promotion and covering what is not worth promoting is seen as acceptable, at all levels of interaction. When hypocrisy becomes an accepted way of life, one is faced with some complex questions.
The question of giving up on the context. The question one would struggle with is, shall I give up on the context where I am. You are in one context and you see lives which do not match up to your standards or values which the community you are part of expects, (especially in the lives of people you look up to or in leadership,) …