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For those above 55 only….

Growing old while working in an institutional framework, is a dangerous place to be. A few things could happen if you are not careful.
One could constantly live in the past. Live in the past “glory” and “knowledge”. Live always looking back and seeing those olden days as the better ones and being critical of what is happening today. And keep reminding the younger ones around you, I have seen all those, I know how things work out, a place of “knowing all” and emphasising this! One could sometimes, forget the past and live in the future. Looking ahead at a retirement life, counting the number of years to move out and then slowly lose interest in what is happening around. One would do what is required - if not you will be penalized and so keep pushing, always looking ahead.
Or you could live today, fulfilling roles with proactive engagement. My own interaction with the aging generation and observing them, (I am now there) I have recognized that there are three groups of seniors around, …