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I was recently reviewing the stories of the patients about whom I had written, and was trying to reflect on them. As I reviewed a pattern emerged. The patients whom we had to struggle to care due to issues other than “Medical”, has been either women, elderly, or the challenged.  In other words, those whose life was less important than other issues affecting the family institution or care givers. I was left wondering; whose interest are we holding on when we care for people?
For e.g., the 12-year-old girl with massive bleeding from her stomach. As we were getting ready to admit, organize blood replacement, Ultra Sound, Endoscopy etc. the mother, father and a relative got together and categorically communicated, that no way will they give blood. Anything else we want they can do, but do not ask any of them to give blood. We heard them, tried to reason, threaten, plead but with no use! They were adamant. They were not too well off, but money was nowhere in the discussions. We were heari…