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Caring as privilege

Over last four weeks, I went through three context and care situation changes, each of which was a learning in itself, at the same time a privilege.
The first, which I had the privilege to be part of for the last one year or more. Facilitating care in the context of the hospital where I am currently placed. Being part of the group of young enthusiastic junior doctors and consultants, (though I am not young chronologically!) supporting the team in facilitating care has been a great privilege. Such a facilitation is more of disengaged caring, where one is not actively engaged with hands on care, but more supporting others to provide care.  Engagement is with the care providers than the person who receives care, and to see lives being touched, by the care provided has been a great privilege. It is not always easy, but in the midst of the various challenges, I am constantly surprised how the sovereign unseen hands are working despite our challenged paradigms of thinking! I did not reali…