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As we look around in the global leadership circles, political and otherwise, we are clearly seeing some common trends.
The type of leaders that seems to connect with the majority are those who can appeal to the perceived aspirations of the powerful and the majority. Or the middle class who are the majority. The connect is through the power of rhetoric, and charisma, offering them what they want to hear, generally an immediate promise of a resource rich economy. Some use polarizations based on certain groups or ideologies as the binding force, but whatever it is, it the ability to connect and offer what the so-called majority seem to aspire that set these leaders apart.
The aspirations of the majority are, what they themselves see as best for them, the resources they require. The person who can “connect” is their leader and even adulated by some as their “saviour”. For e.g., If they have been longing for bread and these leaders, respond – “Last many years they have not offered what you …