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Traveling Christmas

Unusual for us, we found ourselves on the road this time on Christmas eve and Christmas day. For me personally, I did not look forward to it. Brought up in the tradition of Christmas eve carols services, (which has been given up many years back when we moved out of our home state) Christmas morning services, meetings with friends etc., a Christmas on the move was not something I was happy with. So to motivate myself, I reflectedon the Christmas story and took comfort in the fact that Mary and Joseph travelled 90 kms on foot (in full term pregnancy), Shepherds travelled from far outside town, into town, late in the night or may be early hours of the morning, the wise men set out on a tedious long journey…..Till someone pointed out that these people travelled out of dreams visions and political compulsions, and I was left wondering what vision dream or political compulsion drove me this Christmas….
I took a book to read during the journey and the back cover caught my attention. Majesty i…