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Reflecting on D

D (death) is a topic we seldom talk about. Or if at all we talk, we talk it over for a short time and then move on to other immediate and urgent issues. Last few days, some of us have been constantly faced with or heard about deaths of many around us.
Last week, practically every day, one person would have been brought dead to our casualty. Elderly, neonates, young girls and middle aged. Maybe it is the severe cold around this part of the country, that they are unable to reach the hospital in time. In the middle of these, a middle-aged lady in her early 50s, known well to many of us passed away after a short spell of illness due to cancer, away in Western India. Then we had the untimely death of the young surgeon in Odisha, who was known to many of us. There was a young boy of 14 years with whom our team had spent time planning for his re-education (check my previous blog) who was brought in with suddenly hepatic failure and died in less than 24 hours. During these events, there has…