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You as your own enemy?

What do you do when the protector of the system becomes the destroyer of the system?
In Health, the Immunological disorders like Lupus or others are examples of such a situation. The immune system that is expected to be protector of the body system creates havoc in most of the immunological disorders by turning against the normal body cells.
We find this in Nations too. Groups created to support and protect parts of a nation turn against nation itself. Punjab Afghanistan etc. are examples in our generation itself.
You become your own enemy, unable to keep your own system under control, and then chaos and havoc breaks out.
In Medicine, what we do is, we suppress the immune system with strong immunosuppressant’s, thus controlling the chaos, but leaving the body vulnerable to destruction from external attacks of infections.
Countries destroy the groups, which have broken away from their control, but with the risk of leaving the nation divided, vulnerable and broken.
This is true eve…