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Unchanging but changing....

I had the opportunity to go back to one of the institutions I worked after ten years. Walking around, I observed lots of things which have changed and are still changing.

New construction all around. Old buildings looking totally different.

New faces all around. Few families who have stood through various Ups and downs but still persevering for years together.

A sun dial which has stood as witness for 120 odd years.

The junk yards which seems as if nothing has changed.

Trees which have been silent witness to the changes happening around.

The migratory birds which come and go every year. Like many staff who have come in and gone out.

But like the green lawns and gardens which have continued to enrich the people who come in and go out, there is some thing else I experienced.

The unchanging presence of God in the midst of all the changes. Assuring me again that He is the owner and the sustainer.

Vulnerable but protected...

Vulnerability of communities of faith scattered across our country is due to both internal and external factors.
Broken down walls are one reason. These communities are like city without walls. Walls of protection which should have been there due to our “being in the world” but “not of the world” has been broken down by not caring for these walls of character. We think that it is the physical walls which give us protection, but many times it is not these physical walls, but the walls of our character.
Drying up of the river of compassion and care is yet another factor. Character can be assassinated and destroyed by assassins and destroyers, but out flowing river of care and compassion can give protection from any potential destroyers. We have shifted from being connected to the ever flowing source of the river of compassion to other fast drying up ones.
Scattering is a third factor. Physical, emotional, and purpose scattering is evident among these communities. Established for the commo…

Recruit and Recruiter....

The running away of Jonah is generally perceived as one which was unusual and something which we are unlikely to fall into. Jonah, was already a prophet, and to one whom God was communicating. He was possibly involved in doing what God wanted him to do earlier, and now, taking this decision to run away from God’s plan and get away in a ship – was it unusual or does this draw parallels in our own life?
To me this does not look unusual! As you keep walking into God’s purposes, there comes a time, when some of the directions He is pushing us into are seemingly irrational! Having questions on whether this is the right way to go, is this really from God might be common experiences for many us…At least for me – yes. Ingrained into our nature, is the nature to rebel and run away, the nature to rationally look at things, the nature to take a de-route, trying out alternatives before coming back to the right path! But the ability to sleep in the midst of a storm, deep in the hold of the ship, th…