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Soul management

Catching up… I read this in a blog - “The speaker at one of our Women’s conferences told the story about an American on safari. He had the natives marching almost day and night to reach his hunting destination in the African bush. On the fourth morning, the Bushmen refused to move. Instead, they relaxed in the shade of a tree and stayed there long into the morning. The American hunter was incredulous and exasperated. He grew angrier as the minutes ticked by on his watch, and he finally exploded. "This is an absolute waste of my valuable time. Can someone tell me what's going on here?" The translator looked at him with surprise and replied, "Well, they are just waiting for their soul to catch up with their body.” Another blog – “was telling me the story of an Australian Aborigine who, after his first ever car trip, felt the need to sit down on the ground.  When asked why, he said “I am waiting for my soul to catch up.” Human kind, much before technology and moderniz…