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Am I a shareholder in my father’s house? Like the younger son, who felt he was a shareholder and was restless till he got his share, am I not also restless? The restlessness did not end with receiving his part of the inheritance. With inner restlessness he kept running. Till he ran out of energy to run. He was a rightful shareholder, and was potentially right in wanting his shares. But issue was his not what he wanted but what he was struggling with. His relationship with his father as a shareholder instead of being a son.
Am I like a slave in my father’s house? Like the elder one who was also restless. He was restless, not because he wanted his rights, but he was full of strong feeling of resentment. Resentment emerging out of a deeper inner issue of identity again. He saw himself as a slave in his father’s house. And when there was a party going on in his father’s house, his true inner identify came out. He was good at masking his true identity with busy work and involvement in his f…

Brain drain Brain

Brain Drain is - brains drained out of the context where brain is required to retain “value drain”; “compassion drain”; “credibility drain”; and “perseverance drain”. This is a physical movement out of the context where these brains are required and there is a need for facilitating retention.
Brain Drain happens out a “philosophical drain” a “Mission drain”. A drain of purpose, the purpose of why we are in health care, or why we have been given the privilege of being in health care. This is an intellectual movement – a movement from one way of thinking to another way of thinking.
Why does “Mission Drain” occur? Because there is a “vision drain”. Loss of big picture, loss of the grand narrative the “Big Brain” behind the small brains we have or the micro brains we have. That loss of the inner spiritual perspective is what leads to external intellectual and physical brain drains.
Why does this Brian Drain happen? Due to lack of a brains which are role models. This lack has happened becau…