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Random reflections

As we went through the “home calling” of my mother, the events which surrounded the same, over last few days, I have been forced to reflect on a few issues, here are some stray disjointed ramblings….
Holding on Vs Releasing – Our natural tendency is to hold on, to whatever we own and or whatever/whoever is close to us. Holding on, many a times not for selfish reasons, but good and commendable reasons. But the ability to release when it has to be released and not to hold on, is what we need wisdom for. Not only release physically, but an inner release. But we need to still hold on – to memories, lessons learnt and many other things.
Living daily, with detached attachment, or released holding on, is a part of our life in this world….how do I live in this balance….
A related issue is – healing vs curing, or healing without curing. Or on another perspective, life preservation vs life giving by releasing physical life….Physicians (I mean MD Medicine) are programed to cure! They are wired to …