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Thoughts, Faith, Responses and Risk Taking...

Who touched my clothes – in the midst of a crowd, rushing towards an important appointment – Code Red (used to indicate that a difficult or dangerous situation has deteriorated drastically so as to constitute an emergency) – my daughter is dying, please come fast, and He rushing towards the same, came this question. Rationally thinking friends were quick to respond – what in the world are you thinking – you are being pushed by a crowd, so many are touching you, how can you ask – who touched you….Rationally thinking…..

But this touch was different – she who had suffered in the hands of many like me (physicians), rejected by the rules and regulations of the religion, ostracized by community due to the religious rejection, economically in the margins being squeezed out my friends, this touch was one with great anticipation and hope. She had heard that this physician was different, had faith that definitely something will come out of this touch. It was not the size of her faith, but in who…

Un-roofing roof

The doors are normally crowded out. Crowded out either by the abled pushing their way in, not giving way to the slow of gait and unable to walk, urgent pushing out the important, the reactive responses giving way to reflective ones, and many competing priorities.

Doors are kept for entry, roofs are kept for protection. Doors are kept to open and close at will, prevent when you do not want one to enter, or provide a welcome entry when you want to. But roofs are kept to protect at all times – you cannot open or close. You have no control over the roof, whereas doors one have.

But what do you do when doors are crowded out for the ones who should be allowed in as priority, for whatever reason it may be. That is when you un-roof the roof.
To come through the door, you do not need help, only ability or support to push the crowd away. Pushing and shoving is not a good way to enter into where you are coming or bringing people who are in need of healing and restoration. Un-roofing the roof is a …