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Leadership Paradoxes (3) - The Communication Paradox

If vision is what should drive us and people are the ones who have to take forward the vision, then there has to be a way in which this is communicated and people are aligned to the vision.

What is that we have to communicate?  We have to communicate the big picture. May be the institutional or organizational or even the Kingdom vision. And then how the so called vision we have developed fits into the same. At the same time, we have to communicate how the big picture makes sense for the urgent, immediate and the critical. We have communicate how the big picture fits into the 8 to 5 job that each of us do. And how this if not understood can destroy the institution, the team and even the individual. Not an easy task.

What for that we communicate - so that "my vision" becomes and "Shared vision" and also fits into the "kingdom vision". So that we work towards a community who holds this vision together!

But with the paradox of people whom we have with us, …