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The Body

Paul’s treatise on body is a phenomenal way of communicating the oneness we should have within “The Body”. The themes he addresses are varied and challenging. The diversity in the body is a fact we need to live with or rather celebrate. The self-acceptance of our position in the body, whatever perception we may have of the same, is something all of us need to learn to live daily with. And even if we do not feel part of, we still are part! The diversity which brings wholeness is something which we are expected to celebrate. The sovereignty of God in allowing this diversity for a greater purpose should never be forgotten. And the fact that there might be different parts, but there is only one body and we do not have a life without being part of the body is yet another sobering fact. This should lead us to accepting every part as significant and important. Seemingly weak part are more indispensable and seemingly less honorable needs special care! Something which we should always remember…

difficult people

Leadership Paradox (4) The Time and Timing

Once the vision is clear, and the people are being worked with and the communication strategy is clear, then it is just a matter of time! But this is the paradox, because time does not move the way we think it should move and timing is many a times different from the way we anticipate things to fall into place. And finding time to lead is yet another challenge.
Let us look at time first – One issue is, if we need to lead we need to have time! If you are a management professional or trained in Western Educational system (Many in India are part of this!)  – you will decide - X% for leading, Y% for managing, Z% for training A% for personal etc. and try to keep time lines. It never works for most of whom I have come across (including me). There will need to be time for the urgent and critical, the important and strategic, the short term and the long term. There will be many things which will need immediate responses and some which will need reflective responses which will take time. All …