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Moses and leadership lessons

Have a dream and nurture that dream - though no one may understand your dreamsNever forget your rootsTry on your own to change the world, and if you fail run away, but be available when the bush fires up!Stay near a bush alwaysTake a break in the desert, once in a while!Desert breaks are preparation for future desert journeys, you may not know it now.You are ready when you are least readyYou are prepared to lead when you are at your lowest ebbHold on to your dreams till it is rekindled by a greater power than you!It might take 40 years to be rekindled!Give excuses, and try giving up, but not too often; He will not give up on you!If you think you cannot do it alone, tell Him, he has support readyIf you think you do not how to speak, do not worry, He has prepared people who can speak, in your teamYour ability is not what is required, but your availabilityDo not make it difficult for God too, listen when he speaksWhen He sends you, it is because He has seen, heard, is concerned and has c…


I have been on the road traveling a bit, and been observing people living and running their day today lives in the context of a developed world, a change from the rural location where I live. I met a very senior person during this journey. Well, senior at my age means above 70! This person has lived and spent all his life bringing up his family, children and giving them the best options for life and even now is available to some of them, as they go through challenges in their mid-life, with advice and money and presence. In my conversations he told me – tell your children to be practical about life! He was an accomplished professional who made plans for his family, resources, and brought up his children well and planned their lives and supported them. Practical in every way.
What is practical? What I observed and gathered from the many lives I saw - Think using the faculties you have. The faculties of reason and logic. Look at the context around you, think and plan and align your liv…