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What am I doing HERE

What are you doing here, a question asked by God to Elijah. This question was asked a couple of times. I do not think it was a “geographical” question, but more of a “philosophical” one. God wanted to know, what he was doing in the current context, how he reached there.
A question I need to ask regularly! What am I doing here…?
If someone had asked Elijah, where are you now, he would have replied – Tired and exhausted – had a tough whole day work and then forty day’s journey. But the full day work was the turnaround of the century! By one day’s work, the whole nation had turned around. Of course he developed a few enemies through this action, but what was that when compared to the turnaround of a whole nation? That is when God asked this question – what ARE you doing here….But along with this question, God provided a good sleep and some home delivery food…That was the concern of God!
He would have also said, depressed, down and out. He was in deep self-pity – I am the only one left, no …

Ancient and New

There is a new world emerging. The new world has various characteristics. A few which I observe are....
One – it is a globalized world. A world where things which happen in one part of the globe will affect the other part. A world where events of every part of the globe is well known to other parts of the globe. A world where every aspect of life in one part of the globe is open for people in other parts of the globe to see and aspire for or reject. This is true for economy, religion, culture, life style and travel and communication. Connect and be part of it, or lose out. Social media, instant communication, instant travel, international investment, international work, Mall walking, all are part of this new world. Testing out the changing values, the new “religions” and “life styles” is the hep thing to do, if not, one is seen as a regressive.
Two – it is a young world. The young are emerging as the new world order. The young with their massive numbers are changing political equatio…