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How I try to see

I see organization and movements as man-made structures. There is only one organization or movement God established – that is the Church. (Not the one that we see today, that might be part of it!) All the rest are man-made. But definitely many of these might have been established out of God enabling and giving vision to people, fulfil a particular task which is in line with His Kingdom purposes. The structure of the institution or movement is not “God given” but man-made based on the then socio-cultural and political requirements.
Which bring the issue that, all man-made structures bring with it the fallenness of humanity and all its failures and weaknesses. But like all fallen systems and individuals, they have the potential of redemption and being in line with the Kingdom purposes and holding on to the values of the Kingdom.
This alignment is the role of the leadership. Not the supreme leader or CEO alone. The leadership of any organization, movement or institution has to constantl…

Life as a flow....

Fruitfulness is result of rootedness – the river was able to facilitate fruits because “river originates from the sanctuary”. It is our rootedness in the source that facilitates fruits in our lives and our ability to facilitate fruits in others’ lives. Not our skills, talents, hard work or striving. A river does not strive to facilitate fruits, it naturally does it because the it keeps itself connected to the source. Daniel and his friends, protected their rootedness in their God. Daniel from the initial days itself, even at the cost of life saw that that relationship with his God was kept alive and active though the context was challenging.
How many times have we limited our fruitfulness by blocking our lives from the source or focussing on our abilities, talents and work more than rootedness?
Limitedness of our influence comes out of we taking control of our life planning - A river flows where ever it finds space and as it flows it widens, deepens and facilitate life all around.…