Prophetic life

What does it mean to live with a “Prophetic Life Style” for us today?

It means to have a ‘Prophetic Imagination; and allow that imagination to influence our life. What were the aspects of this imagination that influenced the life of prophets?

One – Life perspectives.

They lived in three domains of life simultaneously. In the past, the present and the future. They had reflective remembrances from the past. They had a revealed recognition of the present. They had based on the previous two, renewed responses for the future.

They reminded themselves on the past stories of their community and nation. God’s purposes for them as community, His promises, His provision and protection in the past, the precepts He had given them.

They had revelation of the current context – based on God in action in the current context and understanding of God’s heart.

They had a renewed understanding of what God was going to do in the future, based on their reflections of past and revelation of the present, both the consequences of their lives of injustice and lack of righteousness, (judgements) and a hope for renewal of future.

Two – Life Disciplines.

The life perspectives came out of certain life disciplines.
              Reflection of the past and present based on the word of God or revealed will and statutes of God in the available scripture.
              A consistent listening to God and hearing Him. “Thus says the Lord”, “the word of the Lord came” etc.
              An engaged life – Life character and life style in line with their reflections and proactive engagement with the message – both physically, emotionally and spiritually.
              A courageous life – became a voice of judgment and hope, talking with courage to powers that be, and community at large.

Three – Relationships

The life disciples emerged out of the relationships they cultivated.
              With God – Listening and communicating. Listening much to what God had to say to them and understanding His heart at the same time being open in their confusions and lack of clarity to God.
              With authorities and powers – Speaking to powers and authorities with humility, courage and authority, being a voice of truth coming out of their walk with God.
              To community at large – As one among them, confronting, challenging, caring, motivating with hope for renewed future and call for return and repentance.

The key to all this was, understanding God’s heart, His purposes and He in action today, which came out a relationship with God that was nurtured and built.

What does this mean to me today?

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